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Moiety yummy new lip scrubs!


Here at Moiety, we weren't convinced about scrubs at first, they seemed to be just one more product to buy but upon some further experimentation, we must admit there is something there! 

The ingredients are fairly simple, spices or other completely edible powdery substances, coconut oil, an essential oil that stimulates circulation and brown sugar. So if it's so simple, why not do it yourself? And you can! Definitely! But we've made some anyway so you won't have to. 

The scrubs will soon also be available in larger quantities and they are not meant to be used only on lips, you can use them wherever you think you might need some scrubbing! In an attempt to "keep it real" we must disclose here that yes, one of our scrubs contains açaì powder that we have acquired directly from Brasil. And no açai is not a magical substance often called "a super-food" that will benefit you medically in all sorts of exaggerated and inexplicable ways. We used it here because it tastes good and gives the scrub a very vibrant color. Anything more than that is nothing short of a miracle! 

The best thing about these scrubs is that they are completely safe to eat in case your children accidentally get their hands on them. That is of course if they aren't already allergic to one of the ingredients. 

We find that scrubbing lips with these scrubs really did make our lips a lot smoother whether we were preparing to apply lipstick or snog someone. So check out our shop and get ready for some sweet smooches of your own! ;) 


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