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Fact#2: Gluten-free perfumes?

Some of the solid perfumes we’ve encountered were labeled as “gluten-free”.

Sure, some cosmetic products have gluten hidden in them, usually listed with some sort of scientific name so it isn’t immediately recognizable. Some of them can be obvious because they contain the words barley (extract, flour, malt, leaf juice, powder, root extract or seed extract) or (hydrolyzed/textured) wheat (protein, amino acids, germ), others are more hidden or even misleading.


Just to be clear - at Moiety, we don’t consider ourselves an authority on the topic but what we saw recently was the blatant demonizing of gluten while the cosmetics and food industry jumped at the opportunity to charge us 30% more for products labeled ‘gluten free’ whether they’ve ever contained gluten or not. We’re not here to judge who is or isn’t, in fact, gluten sensitive/intolerant but we’ve seen how ‘gluten’ is frequently mentioned together with the word ‘toxin’.


Gluten is merely a vegetable based protein, one of the biggest plant-based protein sources actually and we find it ironic that it’s being demonized simultaneously as the vegan diet is becoming more and more common. Sure there are people who can fall seriously ill if they ingest any gluten through any means but that is actually still a very small percentage of the population (1%) although it’s on the rise and celiac disease usually develops in genetically predisposed individuals not just out of the blue. Source:


Grains that contain gluten are wheat, barley, rye, and oats but the latter was said to be the most tolerable or sometimes even unproblematic by people sensitive to gluten. Apart from that gluten can only harm you if it’s been ingested. It doesn’t get absorbed through the skin and it doesn’t cause an allergic reaction by only topical application of products containing gluten. The ‘dermatitis’ fear-mongering (the claim that using cosmetics containing gluten on your skin will cause a painful rash) is merely a way to sell more ‘gluten free’ cosmetics at a higher price.


That said, we understand that for very gluten sensitive people any risk is too high but if that is not the case for you then this is no problem at all. And considering how unlikely it is for something like that to occur we feel that putting a gluten-free label next to products that aren’t supposed to be ingested or have insignificant amounts of gluten in them is merely a marketing hook. If you are one of those unfortunate individuals and you are concerned with accidentally ingesting gluten than no worries, our products are gluten free but we’re not exactly going to build our brand around it. Source:

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