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Refunds & Returns

We want you to feel comfortable and secure about purchasing our products as much as we can so let's go over our refund and return policy! 

Let's say you've ordered our products by mistake, or you realize upon receiving them that you do not wish to keep them for whatever reason. That's fine, it happens, don't sweat it! 

We can guarantee you a refund if you return the unopened, unused and undamaged products to us within 30 days of purchasing them. We must stress that In this case, the shipping cost is on you, for smaller and larger orders (above 50€).


If the reason for your refund request is due to poor quality of our products then we apologize profusely for mistakenly sending you products that were subpar and kindly ask you to provide us with a description of the problem via email ( together with audio or video material documenting the problem so we can work on it in the future. 

Once the information reaches us we will review it. This process may take up to 48h after which you will be notified if your refund was approved or rejected. If your refund was approved we will return the money to your credit card within 7 days from the date on which the email with approval was sent OR send you a replacement item within the normal shipping time frame, depending on your decision. We are happy to cover your shipping costs in this case. 

Larger orders (above 50€)

In the case of larger orders who were subject to an approved refund request, we kindly ask you to ship them back to us and provide us with a receipt of your shipping costs. We will be happy to refund you for that as well. 

Lost in the mail

Depending on where you live the reliability of shipping services may vary. For larger orders, we will obtain a tracking number from our local post office to make sure the package arrives safely. For the same reason, we also don't guarantee that we will receive your returned items so in the case of larger orders you should obtain a tracking number and reduce the likelihood of your return getting lost in the mail. Your refund will depend on it. 

 Late or missing refunds

Since banks work differently around the world the refund might take some time before it appears on your bank account. In case you do not find it there after 7 days let us know via our email ( but keep checking your bank account. 

If you found yourself in a sticky situation that isn't described above please don't hesitate to contact us through our email. You are important to us and we will do everything we can to resolve it as soon as possible.